Collin began writing for community theaters when he was 13, composed the music for his first documentary when he was 16, and his first film when he was 18. By the time Collin was 20, he worked in a professional theater in California arranging, performing, and composing original musicals.

After moving to New York in 2005, he and Liz Muller began working on several theater projects together. Eventually they began writing one-act musicals; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and The Masque of the Red Death, and full length original musicals; Briar Rose, Macbeth A Musical, 3 Ghosts, The Nutcracker and The Mouse King, and Columbia- the life and death of Rospo D. Oro, all of which Collin wrote the music and co-wrote the books for.

Collin has written music for films, including the critically acclaimed Rage, nationally aired commercials for companies such as Kellogg’s, underscoring and song arrangements for plays A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night, and has also done arrangements for various other music projects, most recently a full arrangement for Wine Lovers which is currently featured on selected Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

Collin employs the best equipment that allows him to give a full orchestra/choir/electronica/everything-you-can-think-of sound at a fraction of the cost. While very realistic sounding software, live instrumentalists and vocalists are frequently used to add more of a “live” and natural sound, which in turn adds production value. Collin works budget to budget. Extremely easy to work with he has no ego about his music; only the pride that comes from making the best music he can fulfilling the vision of the project.

 “I love to write, to hear my music, to see it sync’d with something and have it bring emotion out. I’ve done commercials, films, and theatre; I’ve realized the medium doesn’t matter, it’s the combination of hearing my music with something else and those two things working together to make an emotion response.”    – Collin Simon