“Just to comment on the music: it is epic!”
-Kristen Morale,; review for Columbia: the life and Death of Rospo D. Oro


“Collin Simon’s brilliant and effective musical score is another of my personal highlights, as its different musical motifs lift a scene or action or even the underlying theme of the film, beautifully complimenting the film’s horror, drama and suspense perfectly.”
-Jesse Miller,; review for Rage


“I’ve worked with Collin Simon on a couple of film projects and was pleasantly surprised on how high a quality of a score he was able to create in such a limited about of time. He’s got a pleasant temperament which makes working with him in a pressure situation on an artistic endeavor, a complete pleasure.”
-John Chominsky, President-Atlantis Group Recording


“Collin Simon’s creative genius is his ability to capture the essence of character and situation with his melodic gift and imaginative settings.  From incidental music for stage productions and a variety of soundtracks for films and television, I am always amazed at his ease and effectiveness of invention.”
-Dr. Doug Davis, Chair, Department of Music, California State University Bakersfield


“Collin Simon is by far the most amazingly talented young composer I have ever known! He scored four movies for me and did a fabulous job on each one, he is fast, creative and versatile in any genre. Collin instinctively understands how to provide music for a film – his main title sequences, themes and underscore always-always-always served the story of the movie.”
-Lewis Schoenbrun, editor